Natural Gas:
Natural gas is available for use in the electricity generators, gas fired dryers and the steam boilers thorugh the national gas pipeline.
Alameera Fabrics is connected to the National Power Grid for elctricity supply. However, due to frequent power outages, Alameera has three (3), MWM (Germany) natural gas electric generators and three (3) Caterpillar (USA) diesel generators. The combined capacity of these generators is 200% of Alameera's peak power requirement. These generators are equipped with a Waste Heat Recovery (WHR) bolier for conversion heat from boiler exhaust gases to process steam.
Process steam is generated in a gas fired, Kessler (Germany), 10,000 kgs/hr steam bolier. Additional steam is recovered by the Waste Heat Recovery Boiler from generator exhuast gases.
Water is obtained from the city mains which are supplied by the River Indus flowing by Karachi. No ground water is used in processing. Further, this water is processed in the in-house Water Softening plant to remove water hardness before being released for dyeing.
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