What we can do for you ?
Alameera Fabrics can develop and deliver knitted fabrics of all constructions.The state-of the art fabric mill comprises of the best equipment available for processing cotton, polyester and cotton/polyester blended knitted fabrics. Noteworthy equipment includes Scholl (Switzerland) soft-flow HT dyeing machines, Heliot (France) fabric dewatering/coating padder machines, Santex (Switzerland) tensionless, conveyor dryers, Brucker (Germany) Stenters, Tubetex (U.S.A) and Santex fabric compaction machines . Additionally our 25 years experience & knowledge of customs & safety regulations, trade agreements, and our relationships with logistic companies and shipping lines enable us to make economic andtimely delivery of products from our factory to your warehouse.
Business Philosophy
Our business philosophy comprises of : focus on knitted fabric and trims, standing-by commitments, personalized customer service, good quality, and competitive pricing. Our goal is to be a long-term "core supplier" to a few good customers.
Good Citizen
At Alameera our work is not finished by delivering a quality product on time. We believe in being a responsible corporate citizen by getting involved in the daily lives of, our the people and, communities where we operate. Alameera primarily supports charities dealing in Health and Education.
Alameera Fabrics is compliant with the local and international health, safety, environment and labor laws. At Alameera compliance is an on-going process and to that end our Human Resources (HR) Department maintains comprehensive records of employee benefits including, group insurance, work hours, break times, payroll taxes, gratuity (pensions), holidays, vacations etc. Furthermore, the HR department holds periodic training sessions in safe and healthy working practices.
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